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We build delightful products that transform how music enthusiasts learn, write, share, and consume music.

Tutteo is a music-tech company founded by 4 musicians & developers bored of all the outdated and expensive solutions available on the market.

  • 2012 - Student project started
  • 2015 - Founded
  • 2016 - Launched Flat for Education
  • 2017 - Profitable and independent
  • 2020 - Community of 5M+
  • 2021 - Team of 15

Our mission

Music to everyone, anywhere.

We have built the future of the sheet music industry, creators at heart. For the past century, written music has been owned, printed, and distributed at very high prices, making access to it expensive, and therefore elitist at every level.

Removing barriers to accessing quality content and tools allows more music enthusiasts to get started, supports the growth of existing creators, and encourages others to embrace their passion. The result is new economic outcomes for all stakeholders in a global music ecosystem that is just waiting to flourish.

Values that define us

Community first
Community first

In everything we do, we ask ourselves if it will serve the community well. Yet we will never compromise when it comes to pleasing our audience. We will always strive to create the most complete and simple experience possible.

Big ambition, small steps
Big ambition, small steps

Changing the written music industry won't happen in a single day, but we iterate at a strong pace, one small step at a time. Along with each iteration, we remain obsessed with the quality and make sure it will serve our community.


We believe in individuals and their ability to thrive in an open organization. Every team member is a stakeholder in the company's success, and we believe in them to always make the best decision for the company's future.


We are convinced that transparency leads to trust, and trust supports the creation of an amazing and dedicated community. We always challenge ourselves to ensure everything we do is well explained and documented.


We hold ourselves accountable for everything we do, both successes and failures. Errors can happen, but we solve and learn from them as a team, ensuring we prevent them in the future. We celebrate our collective achievements yet remain eager to tackle the next step.


Caring for our community, and ensuring they feel happy and heard, has helped us create an invaluable bond, improve our products, and thrive as a company. Beyond feedback, we value and respect privacy and will always stand up for our community and its data.

Discover our products

Write music online, together.

Flat is a powerful collaborative music notation software where beginners can easily get started with their creations, while giving experienced composers get the tools they need to write world class music.

Discover Flat
The music education platform your students will love.

Flat for Education is a powerful, easy-to-use, cloud music notation platform that helps you engage your students - in and out of the classroom.

Discover Flat for Education
Embed your music scores and tabs on your website

Use Flat's unique technology to integrate interactive music scores and tabs to any web page. Create a stunning experience for your users and visitors to view, listen and edit sheet music on your own blog, website or application.

Discover Flat Embed
Music notation and tablature snippets for Google Docs & Google Slides

Create beautiful musical content to enrich your documents and presentations, engaging your students like never before.

Discover Music Snippet

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Help create outstanding experiences for musicians around the world.

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